John Molinari Accordion Concert Vol. 4
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John Molinari Accordion Concert ALP 104

John Molinari Accordion Variety Concert Vol. 4     $9.99 USD
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1. Loco Loco Samba - Angelo Sparacino
2. Snow Train Shuffle - John Gart
3. Waltz Accordia - Eric Gylling
4. Petite waltz - J. Heyne
5. Pietro's Return Waltz - P. Deiro
6. Siboney - Ernesto Lecuona
7. Mexican Hat Dance - F. Partichella
8. Scherzo in A Minor - Eric Gylling
9. Concert Overture - Eric Gylling
10. Chopin Waltz - F. Chopin
11. Waltz Mirage - Zez Comfrey
12. Bel Viso Polka - P. Frosini
13. La Danza - G. Rossini


This album originally was realeased as John Molinari Accordion Variety Concert Volume 4. All the musical arrangements are by John Molinari. Concert Overture, Scherzo in A Minor, and Waltz Accordia are original accordion compositions by, Swedish accordionist and composer, Eric Gyliing. Gylling's excellent musicianship and thorough knowledge of the accordion enable him to encompass the true characteristics of the accordion in his compositions. Recording was done by Leo de Gar Kulka (Golden State Recorders) and Bill Palmer (Palmer Film Services). Mastering was done by Kenneth K. Lee Jr (the Mastering Room)


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