Accordion in
The Modern Mood
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Accordion in The Modern Mood

RUSS MESSINA Accordion in The Modern Mood     $9.99 USD
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1. Breezin Along - Messina
2. Gone With The Wind
3. Cheek To Cheek - Berlin
4. A foggy Day - Gershwin
5. Minor Detail - Messina
6. All The Things You Are - Kern
7. Just one Of Those Things - Cole Porter
8. Get Happy - Arlen Koehler
9. Keepin' Cool - Messina
10. Our Love is Here To Stay - Blue Moon
(Gershwin - Rodgers)
11. This Can't be Love


Russ Messina displays his musical skills and creative Jazz compositions on "Accordion In The Modern Mood". This album is a great example of early Jazz Accordion (recorded in 1958). Messina mixes Swing, Big Band & a touch of Bebop throughout his arrangments & improvisations. Messina is joined by Frank Primerano, on Bass, and Sandy Graff on drums. This album is a must have for anyone that likes Jazz or Accordion music.

Positive Feedback:

I´ve heard them all. Without a doubt, Russ Messina was the greatest jazz accordionist ever. Though the album is fifty years old, the music is timeless.

Great album, brings back memories. Smooth download and transaction. A+++

- Tom


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